Disseminating the practice of GPP within the two institutions and in the territory.
The organizations participating in the project have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the promotion of Green Public Procurement.
Distinctive element of the APE project is its monitoring of the implementation of the commitments made. In this manner, GPP activity is made transparent and verifiable, setting the basis for more specific analyses on the environmental and economic effects deriving from this activity.
Since 2004, members of the Network have participated in an annual survey, which makes it possible to highlight the importance of the green procurement tool in directing production and consumption towards goods and services with a lower environmental impact.

Resources needed

Involvemnet of Local authorities, Park entities, the Turin Chamber of Commerce, schools, consortia and waste management companies, the Turin Polytechnic, Turin SMART CITY Foundation, Environment Park, AcomeEnvironment Museum (MACA), Turin International Association, Cinema Environment, University

Evidence of success

45 institutions currently involved (of which 19 municipalities)
86.5 million euros allocated in 2014 for the purchase of goods and services that meet the environmental criteria, compared to a total declared expenditure of approximately 145 million euros (59.6% of compliance with the Protocol met).
17,731 tons of climate-altering gases emissions (equivalent to CO2) avoided in 2014 thanks to the purchase made in the areas of electricity, 585 tons of plastic

Potential for learning or transfer

Monitoring system approach
Main institution
Piedmont region
Piemonte, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2003
End Date


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