Arsac is a public agency specialized in agriculture extension services
Arsac is an agency of Regional Department of Agriculture of Calabria Region.
Arsac is spread all over regional territory and covers all the five provinces. It is the juncture between research and agricultural system in Calabria, putting into action the applied research, from laboratories to farmers. It carries out its institutional work through:
- 24 Supporting stations of agricultural extension services
- 12 Experimental centers specialized on specific agricultural sectors
- 6 area planning stations spread all over regional territory
- 1 integrated center for communication and dissemination activities
The institutional functions are related to extension agricultural services, of which technological transfer from research to farmers/businesses is one of the most important activities.
Some of the main services and activities are:
- Supporting local agricultural and agro-food crops following eco-friendly systems
- Orienting farmers and agro-businesses toward cooperation
- Activities aimed to traceability and certification of local products
- Sensorial analysis and certification of food products
- Super intensive cultivation of many vegetables to select the best varieties suitable to local soils, planted in dried and wet environment
- Panel tests to evaluate the quality of products
- Training courses for professional users of plant protection products
The institutional research activities are implemented, before to be tested on field, in domestic structures,

Resources needed

ARSAC system is financed by Regional Funds and the human resources are civil officers and only for specific temporary projects external experts are recruited

Evidence of success

ARSAC system represents a connection point between research and agricultural productive world as the technical transfer from research laboratories to farms in the adoption of scientific results to cultivation process. The farms and agribusinesses yearly supported are around 10.000 in the whole regional territory for different agricultural sectors

Difficulties encountered

The main difficulties in the implementation process of agricultural extension services are related to the technical figures, who are not sufficient to support enterprises all over the regional territory.

Potential for learning or transfer

ARSAC is an interesting example how technical knowledge, showed by the technical figures in charge of implementing the institutional activities. This model is replicable all over the world both in countries which show a high level of R&D investments and developing ones.

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Main institution
Calabria region
Start Date
December 2012
End Date


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