Implementation of a procurement procedure based on the public purchase of innovation focused on improving the energy efficiency of municipal buildings
It is proposed to replace the exterior carpentry of the facades of the public building belonging to the municipality of Alzira called "magatzem de Cuco".
It is an old warehouse built in 1982 on the property of the municipality that the reform to be carried out will become the House of the youth, a multipurpose space for the realization of cultural activities.
So that the rehabilitation carried out meets a number of energy criteria to reduce energy consumption and emissions from Co2.
The objectives to be addressed are that the innovative public procurement tool aims to stimulate new, more environmentally friendly constructive solutions for reducing emissions of Co2, as well as providing a degree of soundproofing to the building.
In order to achieve the proposed objectives, different functionalities have been used to take into account the choice of materials:
1. Minimize heat gains in summer, to avoid overheating and take advantage of solar gains in winter
2. Minimize heat loss (reduce at least 15%)
3. To provide ventilation
4. Maximize the use of natural light
5. Soundproofing the system
6. Ensuring the quality of assembly
But the beneficiaries are the medium and small municipalities (less than 30.000habs) which with the use of Innovative Public Purchase can implement rehabilitations in their public buildings using a methodology of analysis of the ecological needs constructive.

Resources needed

Total Contract Price: 200.000€

Definition of technical requirements by the town hall technicians.
Green Public Procurement and Procurement Practical Manual. Models and examples for their implementation by the Basque Public Administration
Buying Green Handbook EC

Evidence of success

• Contact with more than 250 SMEs 15 interested parties
• 3 SMEs with tenders

Criteria available in: Sociedad Pública de Gestión Ambiental del Gobierno Vasco

Difficulties encountered

• Difficulties in preparing tenders
• Lack of bidders
• Excel files for calculating the cost of living and for calculating energy certificates are appropriate tools
• Innovation could mean everything and nothing at the same time
• Innovation permeates the entire tender

Potential for learning or transfer

Projects to implement tools for innovative public procurement are a very good way of encouraging the development of projects in areas within the European Union that present different chronic problems such as depopulation, lack of opportunities and/or resources.

The main objective is that the villages or small towns or cities have the capacity to carry out projects within the European Union with ecological guarantees, energy savings and reduction of Co2 emissions. This good experience is transferrable to smaller cities in the area through the Mancomunitat (association of municipalities) through events, capacitation, newsletter.

This could help small or medium sized localities in the region to improve their public buildings efficiently and thereby save economic resources. The aim of these energy efficiency criteria is to encourage innovation in areas traditionally not leading innovation technology ,

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Main institution
Alzira Council town
Cataluña, Spain (España)
Start Date
November 2016
End Date


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