Dissemination of GPP among the regional administration, local authorities and regional offices
The Plan focuses on the theme of GPP, identifies the objectives to be achieved in the three-year period, implementation actors and also provides work tools such as a checklist for drafting a green and sustainable contract and monitoring cards for each GPP identified target

Resources needed

"Steering Committee" composed by the Regional Director of the General Affairs Section or his delegate, by three officials expert in the procedures of purchase and by an administrative assistant. The members do not receive any compansation

Evidence of success

1.Training on GPP (newsletter service on GPP and and on the updates of legislation related to GPP-training seminars) - 2. Promotion of responsible consumption in the workplace (fair trade products, reverse vending machines) ; 3.monitoring of the inclusion of GPP criteria in the calls for tender published by the purchasing bodies of Veneto Region (in 2016, 100% of purchases related to several product categories were made according to the respective GPP criteria)

Potential for learning or transfer

The LCC (Life Cycle Costing) methodology have been widely used to select products and services with the lowest environmental impact.
Basic training and refresher courses, helpdesk activities, interdisciplinary technical roundtables and preliminary consultations with providers have been planned. Roles/responsibilities and tasks have been defined.
Main institution
Veneto Region
Veneto, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
December 2015
End Date
December 2018


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