Dissemination of GPP among the regional administration, local authorities and regional offices
The document illustrates the planned activities for green public procurement within the regional administration and in the territory, also defining economic resources and funding channels.

Resources needed

Not specified

Evidence of success

The implementation of PAPERS was supported by an extensive information campaign through the dissemination of information leaflets and technical glossaries, the synergy with industry events, and the use of media and social networks. Training seminars and technical in-depth workshops were held.
Sectoral action plans have been defined for the construction, tourism and agro-food sectors, starting from the cross-cutting of green public procurement and aiming to define the lines of action to be imple

Potential for learning or transfer

31 technical assistance meetings held;
14 address documents prepared;
11 follow-up meetings held;
24 days of coaching carried out;
70 technical workshops held;
24 training seminars held;
17 preparatory meetings held;
22 “standard” tenders held for the procurement of products, services and public works

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Main institution
Lazio Region
Start Date
June 2009
End Date
December 2013


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