The main objective of the project was to replace the existing one and to build a highly efficient heating, ventilation and solar system in the hospital building
The practice is aimed at improving the quality of life, protecting the environment, providing clean air and clean nature, focusing our efforts on improving financial conditions, ensuring the sustainability of investments from a social, economic and environmental point of view. The contractors of the project activities were selected in accordance with the provisions of the PPA. Given the importance of the building, the practice is aimed at the entire population of Knezha Municipality and to people from other settlements. A package of 4 energy saving measures has been implemented and implemented to the public procurement:
- roof thermal insulation;
- solar hot water system (DHW) has been built - 30 selective solar panels with an effective area of ​​2 sq.m. everyone;
- Installation of new heaters and construction of an intelligent system for automatic control and control with the possibility of regulation according to the use of the building and according to the outside temperature;
- a new ventilation system with automatic control and control system is built. An air-conditioning unit for air treatment is installed, with the air temperature being provided by a water-air heat pump unit.

Resources needed

Human and financial resources are invested to make the investment. A team of municipal experts participated in the preparation of the application documents and their implementation and reporting along with Norwegian partner. A total of € 395,940.00 has been invested in its implementation.

Evidence of success

The implementation of the project resulted in long-term savings in energy and costs; reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants; improving health and social services in the municipality of Knezha; provision of a healthier environment in the municipal hospital; increase of renewable energy production and the feasibility of renewable energy in the municipality of Knezha. The municipal hospital building is now certified with an energy class "B".

Difficulties encountered

The main challenge we focused on was the state of hospital heating. Inefficient and uneven heating in different heating zones with high energy costs. The annual baseline consumption of energy for heating and ventilation at the time was significantly higher than the standard.

Potential for learning or transfer

We believe that the introduction of renewable energy and the use of alternative energy sources is becoming more accessible and preferred in terms of the pursuit of cleaner nature and the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, as well as the reduction of energy costs. Funds provided under various EU programs are sufficient to carry out such activities.. Knezha Municipality has already shared their practice in 2018 at the Eco Community competition, for which it has received an award. In September this year we also shared it with partners from Italy, Latvia and Slovakia on the international project "European Cities for European Energy Policy", funded by the Europe for Citizens Program. In addition to the Kneja Municipal Hospital building, we have implemented similar initiatives in many other public buildings - schools, kindergartens, social and cultural sites. We have introduced the use of solar energy to produce domestic hot water, which has reduced electricity costs.
Main institution
Municipality of Knezha
Северен централен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
August 2015
End Date
April 2017


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