Servicestelle-Schülerfirmen is a project that supports the foundation and operation of student companies at all school types in Brandenburg.
Servicestelle-Schülerfirmen, the service department for student companies, is a project that supports the foundation and operation of student companies at all school types in Brandenburg. In 2015, a new ESF-funded project has been implemented in the service department called “Schule mit Unternehmergeist”. It provides trainings at secondary schools that prepare teachers for the integration of entrepreneurship education activities in their classes. Servicestelle-Schülerfirmen seeks to promote entrepreneurial spirit and skills such as self-efficacy, creativity and team spirit in regular schools. Student companies are school projects that start their own business in the school environment. A team of students, in classes or in after school clubs, develops a business idea, creates a business model and starts operating this business – with real products or services, but in the protected school area.
The implementation of entrepreneurship education in schools requires good information, qualification and organizational support of the responsible teachers. Servicestelle-Schülerfirmen is the regional point of contact in Brandenburg that aims to sensitize and encourage schools to test entrepreneurial activities with their students.
It offers individual and free advisory and coaching services for teachers and students who are interested in implementing entrepreneurial projects. The service department also develops and provides teaching material.

Resources needed

• Funding programme (ESF)
• Cooperation between different ministries and a foundation
• Multi-professional team consisting of 7 part-time employees. Three of the team are teachers who are released from their official teacher’s duty by the Ministry of Education

Evidence of success

No. of student companies: 140
Average no. of involved pupils: 10 – 12 pupils per student company= appox. 1400 pupils
No. of teachers: Since 2015 134 teachers and 63 student teachers (project ”Schule mit Unternehmergeist”)

Potential for learning or transfer

Student companies in primary and secondary schools offer a field for practical testing of entrepreneurial skills and other key competencies. Students learn playfully how to develop and implement their own business ideas. Working out a business model, they learn to consider different elements that contribute to the success of a business idea. The students practice team work and go through all phases of project management, including the creation process and the sale of their offers. This goes far beyond simulations such as business plan competitions.
The participation in a student company can broaden the future career choices of young people, suggesting entrepreneurial independence as an alternative to the employment relationship.
At the level of teaching structure, the project encourages the testing of innovative teaching methods. Entrepreneurial project work in schools is characterized by free spaces for students and activity oriented lessons.

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Main institution GmbH
Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)
Start Date
January 2005
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