RDP and ROP Managing Authorities’ coordination in the implementation of EARDF and ERDF funds concerning measures in R&D in the Food Chain.
The practice is addressed to:
• resources’ optimization and coordination among different programmes
• innovation involvement for all the food chain members
• better support on holdings’ common needs.

The context which triggered the introduction of the practice concerns:
• the food chains’ importance for the regional economy
• the lack of a food chain approach by the companies that usually ask for public support (they normally have a specific objective without a “system vision”)
• the need for a better guidance in the funding instruments’ choice in order to optimize the companies opportunities.

The practice reaches its objectives through:
• periodic meetings between the Directorates in charge of the ROP and RDP implementation
• public calls aimed to support investments linked to innovation
• advantages and priority for the project proposals presented by a group of subjects representing the food chain
• advantages and priorities for the proposals including both specific innovation tools and the partnership with a research body.

The main stakeholders and beneficiaries of the practice are:
• Farms
• Agro-food Industries
• Single and/or associated producers
• Universities
• Others Research and Innovation Bodies
• Advisors.

Resources needed

No needs of financial resources, but only human ones: public officers trained both on R&D and agro-food (belonging DG Agricolture and DG Economic development) involved in order to formulate calls with an integrated fund raising approach.

Evidence of success

This new integrated approach has enabled beneficiaries to use both funds more synergistically than in the past (about 2.000 subjects involved).

Difficulties encountered

• This GB requests a strong public organization.
• The availability of MA bodies to collaborate has been indispensable
• The procedures should be simplified
• The procedures request a long period and should be improved
• Need more information to beneficiaries

Potential for learning or transfer

The potential for learning is particularly interesting because concerns the possible way to coordinate different funding instruments and different MA bodies and it allows farms, industries and research bodies to work together and to enrich the value chain.
It’s necessary to assess which kind of measures are available in each Region and how are managed in the other countries in order to verify the GP transfer.
The main factor that can hamper a transfer is the way in which the MA’ are structured in regions interested in this integrated approach.

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Main institution
Emilia-Romagna region
Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
February 2017
End Date


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