IDM Creative Industries: Facilitate and support Creative Industries in South Tyrol, foster cross-fertilisation between CCIs and traditional SMEs.
The Smart specialization strategy (RIS3) for South Tyrol defined 6 areas of excellence. Creative Industries are one of these. For a strategic support was the need to create an ecosystem for the CI. In January 2018, the Ecosystem Film & Creative Industries was founded (renamed in January 2019: IDM Creative Industries).
Our mission is to boost the local CI in order to make them more competitive. South Tyrol´s CI still has considerable unexplored economic potential, and countless innovation can be implemented. The aim is to unlock this potential and put it to good use for the benefit of other economic sectors as well.
IDM aims to achieve this by:
1) Together with our partners from EURAC research, we map the current situation of CIs in the region through industry roundtables and a detailed survey. The final output will be an official report on CI in South Tyrol.
2) Creating opportunities to address and discuss topics relevant to the industry in thematic working groups. One of the topics was the further development of co-working spaces in peripheral areas.
3) Hosting events to facilitate networking within the industry.
4) Acting as a matchmaker between the CI and traditional companies. IDM designed the programme MATCH! that involved companies from different sectors of the economy and students from the Free University of Bolzano, faculty of Design and Arts. The aim is to discover how CI can collaborate with other sectors to foster innovation.

Resources needed

In 2018 IDM Creative Industries had a budget of 75.000 Euro for financing projects. 4 people were working in the team (their working times was split in between this and other European projects).
For 2019 the resources for IDM Creative Industries are yet to be determined.

Evidence of success

CI Strategy South Tyrol: an online questionnaire was sent to more than 2.500 organisations, companies and free-lancer of local CI. By November 2019, all the results will be presented in an printed report. Within the MATCH! Program students developed together with companies from the traditional sector several prototypes. Result: Printed catalogue, exhibition, 4 prototype will be developed. MATCH! #research: Printed Report.

Difficulties encountered

- Define measures which will fit all CI sectors
- Have a bottom up approach and in this way integrate from the beginning companies and relevant players

Potential for learning or transfer

In order to have Creative Industries as a topic in the next RIS3 Strategy we are developing a Creative Industries Strategy for South Tyrol, which should give us a situation analysis of the sector in South Tyrol. This will be our basis to for recommendation for actions to sharp the competitiveness and to influence policies.
IDM Creative Industries is trying to focus on the challenges the region is facing, which is a quite low R&D rate regarding the rest of Italy and Europe. As Creative Industries could be the transformative power to boost innovation, we designed the Program MATCH!. A collaboration program between traditional and CCI´s sector in order to improve their competitiveness, R&D and Innovation activities.
Main institution
Bolzano County
Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano/Bozen, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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