Stakeholders from Galician innovation ecosystem were involved in the interim evaluation of the RIS3 throughout questionnaires and thematic workshops
The interim evaluation process of the S3 is a necessary element for the fulfillment of the objectives of the strategy.
This evaluation process will also contribute to set up the conditions for adapting and incorporating the improvements of the current instruments, defining the strategy of the new financial period and adapting the new instruments that will conform the financing framework for R&D&I for the period 2021-2027.
The main objectives of Galicia evaluation system for RIS3 are the following:
- Verifying if the expected objectives are met.
- Identifying possible deviations in the execution and its causes.
-Correcting the detected deviations thanks to strategic decisions.
One of the main elements of this evaluation system is the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process in which all the agents from Galicia Innovation Ecosystem are involved.
The evaluation process consists of 5 phases:
1) Initial analysis based on information collected through surveys to beneficiaries and stakeholders
2) Shared vision with agents, collected during three thematic workshops with the stakeholders
3) Participation of the society through surveys to representatives of society and a participatory open channel on the web to obtain qualitative information on the perception of society
4) Strategic advice from the International Advisory Council and the Expert Panel, in order to enrich and agree on the approach and content of the final report proposal.
5) Approval of the interim evaluation report

Resources needed

87.059,5€ for external services
One person from own staff dedicated in a 5%
Two persons from own staff dedicated in a 50%
Two persons from own staff dedicated in a 10%

Evidence of success

The entrepreneurial discovery process in Galicia allowed to complement with qualitative data the existing gaps in the monitoring system of RIS3. The data gathered throughout this process allowed to reach relevant conclusions on the current monitoring system as the need of changing the governance model.
The conclusions from the interim evaluation process will serve to improve the final evaluation of RIS3 and advance the process of achieving the enabling conditions for the RIS3 2021-2027.

Difficulties encountered

From our experience it is very difficult to engage small companies in the process. Also, it was very time consuming and it took a great effort to achieve such a high participation in the surveys and also in the thematic workshops.

Potential for learning or transfer

The Entrepreneurial Discovery Process is an approach strongly encouraged from the European Comission when applying to the design of RIS3 but also to the evaluation process.
The methodology implemented in Galicia for the involvement of the stakehoders during the evaluation process can be perfectly adapted to any other European Region since the effects and results coming out of the process are not region-specific but can be beneficial for the improvement of any regional specialization strategy in Europe
Main institution
Regional Government of Galicia
Galicia, Spain (España)
Start Date
December 2018
End Date


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