"Improving Urban Public Transport by Extending the Trolley Network and Related Infrastructure in Baia Mare - Vasile Alecsandri"
Through the implementation of this project, the aim was to improve the accessibility and mobility of the population by developing the urban public transport infrastructure for the Vasile Alecsandri neighbourhood.
The actual execution of the project work involved:
1) Construction of the contact network in length of 5,1 km, double track
2) Construction of a rectifier sub-station with a voltage level of 600 V
3) DC power supply (supply cables)
4) Power supply to the Recovery Station
5) Deviations and protection of existing urban networks in the area
6) Providing utilities for the recovery substation
7) Purchase of the equipment at the recovery station as well as in the transformer power station.
A series of activities were carried out for informing and raising awareness of the importance and advantages of the investment - the sociological survey - while promoting the use of non-polluting public transport, the trolley being considered a means of transport with a degree of Low pollution, lower noise pollution, economical - large initial investment but quick damping and double life.
Stakeholders and beneficiaries
Citizens of the Vasile Alecsandri neighbourhood -35.000 residents
Citizens of Baia Mare Municipality – 140.000 residents
URBIS A.A.- local public transport company

Resources needed

Total project value: 17.907.508,25 RON

Evidence of success

Indirect results:
• an increased number of users of public transport,
• reducing travel time,
Impact results:
• streamlining the circulation within the municipality,
• savings in transport costs,
• reducing pollution and noise caused by buses - reducing the nuisance generated by bus,
• improving the urban aspect by reorganizing the public lighting and
new urban furnishings related to the routes.

Difficulties encountered

The implementation of the project suffered delays, thus the implementation period was extended from the initial date of completion of the works 19.02.2014 until 19.08.2015 (according to Addendum No.4 / 6320 / 18.02.2015 to the financing contract no. 2238 / 19.09.2011)

Potential for learning or transfer

The project is a model for making public transport eco - friendly by focusing on electric transport, and has led to an increase in the quality of public service, to diminishing pollution, having a positive impact on the quality of life of the Baia Mare residents.
The project can be a good practice model for other cities / regions, in terms of increasing the mobility of residents and reducing pollution, based on the introduction / extension of electric transport.

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Main institution
Baia Mare City Hall
Nord-Vest, Romania (România)
Start Date
September 2011
End Date
August 2015


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