Re-Use Centre are devoted to giving things a new life and supporting environment friendly trading.
Idea to create Re-Use Centre to Estonia originates from Finland practice-

Re-Use Centre was established on 2004 in Estonia, basing 100% on voluntary work, without expenses on salary, store room rent etc. Re-Use Centre are devoted to giving things a new life and supporting environment friendly trading. After 3 months of volunteer work the store was able to pay salaries, store room rent and other expenses. Main articles in the stores are clothes, furniture, kitchen equipment, books, magazines etc. Also plants, CD’s can be found.

Main oobjective is to re-use things or to support re-design of old things, giving them new value and a new purpose. Whilst recycling mainly means reprocessing packaging, paper and other items into raw material, the objective of re-use and re-design is to extend the lives of things or increase their value. Re-Use Centre collects still usable, clean and in good condition things from owners who don’t need them anymore.

Re-Use Centre will find the item a new owner either with the help of our charity partners or by selling it at a reasonable price. Any money made will be used to promote re-use and re-design further.
Main problem is that people tend to throw away various things that can be re-used. Re-use centre has clear focus directly on things, they do not deal with wide environmental effects. Even in social enterprise it is good to stay focused on what you are doing and keeping the scope centered. A lot

Resources needed

Re-Use Centre has created fully self-management and sustainable business model,so the company does not need extra resources to support daily business. Otherwise it would be just charity and this is not the goal.The organization operates in regular business environment-pays salaries and rents stores.

Evidence of success

The interview was held with Katriin Jüriska, who has been Re-Use Centre CEO for 7 years. When she was chosen to this position the enterprise was in bankruptcy and her first job was to create sustainable business model. During this time Re-Use Centre has developed, enlagened and opened 10 stores over Estonia and the business model has shown its efficiency.
At the moment Re-Use Centre has created 60 job positions and supporting the voluntary work also.

Difficulties encountered

Difficult is to change behavior of people and entrepreneurs. It is so easy just to throw things away without thinking and without extra efforts to donation. These attitudes are very hard to change but social commercial campaigns and projects help to achieve behavioral change.

Potential for learning or transfer

All of social enterprises stand for good idea, but for everyday management and self-efficiency it is wise to engage business specialists. Social enterprises work in the same business and competitive environment with all other companies. So basically all best practices from business sector could be implemented on social enterprises- how to stay close to customer, what is the value that you are offering, pricing policy , etc.

Future wise social enterprises can be seen as a dominating form, since z-generation will be searching for a job that has world changing effects.
Main institution
Re-Use Centre
Eesti, Estonia (Eesti)
Start Date
January 2004
End Date


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