Monthly informal meeting for local cybersecurity companies
CyberBreakfast is the monthly meeting of local cybersecurity SMEs in Brittany. In 90 minutes, it allows participants to: a) get an overview of the regional, national and European news related to the cyber sector (including information on calls for proposals, new EU regulations, etc.); b) exchange on the state-of-the-art technology and get a technical analysis of the latest cyberattacks, threats and vulnerabilities; c) focus on and discuss about a specific cybersecurity-related topic, with the help of an external expert (e.g. cybersecurity and healthcare, recruitment of Asperger profiles, etc.).
CyberBreakfasts are organised every month (1/month) by Bretagne Development Innovation, the development agency of Brittany. The initiative has been launched based on a request from local companies, that needed a time to know each other and share information. From the perspective of a business support organisation, these events are an efficient tool to drive the community of local SMEs and facilitate the integration of new players in the regional ecosystem. For local SMEs, it represents an opportunity to keep abreast of the cyber news, exchange with peers and networking.
Key factors of success include: a) the informal nature of the meeting, which promotes the active participation of all attendees and the exchange of information; b) the time of the event (8.30-10AM), that minimises the chance to overlap other business meetings, thus allowing a greater participation of CEOs.

Resources needed

- Budget/month for breakfast (depending on the number of participants)
- 1 meeting room
- Time needed for the organisation of the event (e.g. definition of the agenda, communication, etc.)
- Experts to focus on specific topics

Evidence of success

- High participation rate (30-35 participants/month)
- Interest showed from other industries in participating and sharing their needs in terms of cybersecurity
- Transfer of this good practice to other business support organisations located in other cities in Brittany

Difficulties encountered

In order to ensure a great number of participants, it’s key to focus on topics that meet the interest and needs of SMEs. This requires a good understanding of the sector and the regional ecosystem.

Potential for learning or transfer

This Good Practice is extremely easy to transfer, as it requires few resources and can apply to any regional cybersecurity ecosystem. It has already been adopted by other local business support organisations located in Brittany.

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Main institution
Bretagne Développement Innovation
Bretagne, France
Start Date
September 2016
End Date


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Good Practices being followed by

Lotte van Meijel

Interreg Europe - Policy Learning Platform