Social entity dedicated to child care, nursery school , antenatal services for future mothers
Bajkolandia Social Cooperative was established in 2010 with the help of the Provincial Employment Office in Leżajsk. It was founded by the long-term unemployed who initially formed an initiative group. The amount of funds received under the subsidy was not enough to renovate the premises, so local entrepreneurs were asked for help. The biggest problem was the lack of financial liquidity, but after many months of collecting funds it was possible to open a fully equiped kindergarten. The beginnings were very hard, however, after obtaining another grant from the project, the activity was extended to a school of childbirth , animation services for children and rental of carnival costumes for children. It turned out that all the new investments worked and the cooperative developed very well. Currently, the cooperative operates as a kindergarten, costumes rental, childbirth school, and also provides occasional events for children.

Resources needed

At the very first stage the development of the idea and business itself wouldn’t be possible without help of public funds as special requirements for opening a kinder garden were very specific and expensive to implement.

Evidence of success

Full sustainability at the market, several social business awards in the region and in the country.

Potential for learning or transfer

Initial difficulties have shown that for a social cooperative to last, many sacrifices, patience and fundraising are needed. Nevertheless, the successes show that such activity is very much needed on the market and possible to implement.
Main institution
Bajkolandia Social Cooperative
Podkarpackie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
December 2010
End Date


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