Rehabilitation of “La Pitilla” landfill, located in a sensitive area, to guarantee stability, protect environment and, further,develop a recreational area.
The landfill site “La Pitilla” is located in urban area, in the south-eastern outskirts of the village of Puente Genil in the south of province of Córdoba and covers an area of circa 87,000m2.
At the bottom of the landfill a water stream, was eroding the base of its slope endangering landfill stability. Moreover, leachate leaks and waste swept along by run-off were polluting the environment.

The major benefits of the project included the:
• Remediation of environmental problem associated the previously unrestored site. Stability of landfill and water pollution because landfill is close to a water stream are the main goals of restoration.
• Creation of a recreational area close to the village of Puente Genil.

Before starting the landfill remediation, dispersed bulky waste collection on the landfill surface, bend river cleaning and making trial excavations in order to identify landfill content and verify lack of methane were necessary.

The main activities implemented related with rehabilitation of landfill were earthworks including capping with 0,40 m mineral layer (clay from a close quarry) and 0,6 m top cover; surface water drainage; placing organic erosion control blanket and wood fences, building 21 biogas pipes and placing soil with landscape planting.

This project protects environment and the residents in the area surrounding “la pitilla” landfill will benefit from reduced visual disamenity as well as a potential new use land (recreational purposes)

Resources needed

This cost of the execution of rehabilitation project was 905.529,22 € and it was funded at 80% by means of EU funds and 20% by Andalusia Government funds.

Evidence of success

This project avoided continuous water pollution and converted a dangerous and useless area into an open space that can be recovered for citizens and potentially used for recreational purposes .

Difficulties encountered

Finding cost-effective materials for proper sealing of the landfill, vandalism problem by using area for illegal motocross racing and cooperating with different entities and organisations responsible for water in order to obtain legal permission were the main difficulties encountered.

Potential for learning or transfer

This project can be replicated for other closed landfills that are affected by waterstreams and risks associated with emissions and stability.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Andalucia
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
February 2015
End Date
October 2015


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