Social entity as a possibility of work and rehabilitation for the most socially excluded in rural area: gardening, catering and hotel services
The Professional Activity Establishment in Rymanów was created from a great need which was the result of the situation on the local labor market, the related economic structure of the region, the level of unemployment and too little knowledge and willingness of employers about the possibility of employing people with disabilities, also the area which is mostly rural. The goal was to create jobs for the most socially excluded with conditions such as mental retardation, mental illness and autism. ZAZ has been operating since 2003, currently employing over 50 people with disabilities, and its business activity focuses on three areas: gardening, hotel and gastronomy. The objectives pursued by the institution are employment of disabled people, vocational and social rehabilitation, preparation for life in an open environment and on the open labor market, adaptation of work stations to the individual needs of disabled employees, training for employees according to their needs, promoting the image of disabled person as a competent employee.

Resources needed

Cofinancial support from National Fund for Disabled (by local government), sources directly obtained from National Fund for Disabled

Evidence of success

Entity has been operating since 2003 and is still successful on the local market. The acquired experience and professionalism of employees means that the brand is recognizable and the demand for services and products is constantly growing. Every day, by implementing a rehabilitation program, barriers in people with disabilities are broken, making them believe in their own abilities.

Difficulties encountered

Difficult area and labor market, initial distrust of awarding entities regarding products and services performed by disabled people

Potential for learning or transfer

For people with disabilities, working in this type of institution is not only a duty but also a lifetime, professional, social and therapeutic activation which takes place in the workplace. Transferability is related to some good complex planning and obtaining enough funds for some fist stage activities.
Main institution
Profesional Activity Establishment in Rymanow
Podkarpackie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
March 2003
End Date


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