Apart from taxation, sensibilizing citizens to sort their waste is an important measure in reducing unwanted waste streams.
Throughout the history of Flemish waste management, OVAM and other waste related agencies did several raise awareness campaigns. The purpose was not always to attend people onto the fact they need to sort, but also which article needs to go into which bin and to put their waste into a bin in the first place and not into the environment.
This good practice is meant to give fellow organisations inspiration in how such a campaign can look like. Most campaigns in Flanders are done via posters, on places which are known to generate a lot of waste (shopping streets, bus stops, alongside highways,…). Also radio and TV commercials exist.
A recent project which is a major success is the Mooimakers project: citizens can actively make a claim on a terrain or parts of their street to clean up litter. The tools to clean up (gloves, pincers, safety jacket and garbage bags) can be borrowed for free at the local municipalities. Also schools and (sport)clubs can join. They report a target, afterwards report the result and get a financial reward for this, depending on the amount of waste that was collected.

Resources needed

Campaigns can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. Poster campaigns are the most used medium because they are the cheapest to make. Radio and certainly TV commercials can become very expensive very rapidly. OVAM creates a lot of its content in house (3 FTE).

Evidence of success

The amount of MSW has declined in Flanders, on average with 10% per inhabitant since 2013. On a longer timeframe the decline is most distinct for residual waste: 56% between 1995 and 2015. The more recent Mooimakers campaign, described above, to clean up litter and actively involves citizens is a major success.

Difficulties encountered

Keep in mind that there can be copyright on pictures you use for your campaign. Tricking out money with this is an increasingly popular thing and lawyer companies specialised in this type of shady cases exist, happy to make your budget a lot smaller.

Potential for learning or transfer

Below a list of links to some campaigns and related information:

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Main institution
OVAM - Public Waste Agency of Flanders
Prov. Antwerpen, Belgium (Belgique-België)
Start Date
January 2010
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