PickMeUp is a sustainable mobility initiative to reduce traffic through the use of a chat-bot for carpooling to manage and organize car journeys
PickMeUp is a sustainable mobility initiative to reduce traffic and the environmental impact of cars, through the use of a 'Telegram bot' (a software programmed to work more or less automatically on the internet) to manage and organize car journeys (car pooling) in a safe and dynamic way. The steps made are recorded in the application database (in respect of privacy) and the lists of passengers and drivers are created in real-time depending on availability, without the need to plan the journeys in advance.

Resources needed

The application stems from a social initiative of some researchers (F. Sangati, E. Abramova, A. Basile, G. Sciascia, M. Montoya, G. Trecarichi, A. Minard, P. Massa, A. Bizzego). The code developed is opensource: https://github.com/kercos/PickMeUp and the expenses registered on: http://tiny.cc/PMU_sp

Evidence of success

PickMeApp offers a customized door-to-door mobility option, flexible even for the most vulnerable people: children and young people, the elderly and the disabled. The project was initially successfully tested along the Trento-Povo route (North-Italy). Activated as of 1 November 2015 with 480 members, it now has 112 stops divided into the 24 valleys of Trentino and more than 1000 registered users. The result was also a company that started to replicate and develop the initiative in other cities.

Difficulties encountered

The biggest difficulty is to exponentially increase the number of users so that demand and supply can be met and increase. The technology helps to connect people with similar mobility needs and it is necessary to accompany the action to a civic and technological education.

Potential for learning or transfer

PickMeUp is highly replicable, and helps to achieve goals 11 (Sustainable communities and cities) and 13 (Fight against climate change) for sustainable development launched by the UN in 2015. The application is particularly functional and thanks to open source nature is in continuous and constant qualitative growth.
With PickMeUp it is possible to offer and request free passes by car both for routes that are repeated during the week (for example on business trips), and for occasional trips. To use it, download Telegram on your smartphone, search for the user "PickMeUp_bot" and add it to your contacts. So you can start offering or looking for passages.
Main institution
Lazio, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2015
End Date


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