Large public communication campaign aimed at raising awareness among citizens to avoid food waste. Includes workshops, TV series, recovery meals, magic show...
-Itinerant exhibition and participatory workshop: to raise awareness and motivate citizens to change their behavior when buying, storing and preparing meals. (15 locations/year)
-Workshop for schools: that brings students awareness about food waste in a fun and educational way. (150 workshops and 4.000 students/year)
-Magic show "Wise Fridge”: for the whole family in popular festivals and other events. (10 shows/year)
-Recovery meals: popular feasts from discarded food from producers or distributers. (100 to 1.000 people fed in each meal – 2 meals done and 4 meals foreseen during 2019 and 2020)
-Proximity actions: spot presence in municipal markets and actions in supermarkets.
-APP: with three key points: the purchase; the ration calculator; and the kitchen (recipes).
-Web: contains a portion calculator to help you buy and practical tips to better preserve food and prevent food waste, among others:
-Television Series: a 11 episodes series of television (2015) where famous people brought tricks to take advantage of food. New series of 4 chapters (2017) was released in sitcom format. Both are on the YouTube channel of the campaign.
-Christmas advertisement: TV ad also viralized by social networks to fight food waste during Christmas parties.
-Social networks: presence in networks with profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
-Video clip: the music group VeryPomelo made a song for the campaign looking to connect with the young

Resources needed

1.465.000 euros invested in the campaign from 2014 to 2019

Evidence of success

- More than 10.000 people trained through the exhibition, the school workshop and the show “Waise Fridge”.
- More than 200,000 views on YouTube with over 20 videos.
- Website: between 4.000 and 6.000 visits per month
- Instagram: 6.700 followers
- Facebook: 23.473 followers
- Twitter: 10.800 followers

Difficulties encountered

- Difficulties to maintain the collaboration between entities
- Problems to contract different services and parts from the campaing due to the bureaucracy of the new European Contracting Law

Potential for learning or transfer

Som Gent de Profit addresses directly the citizens to raise awareness on food waste prevention. It uses impacting and clear messages giving tips and keys on how to prevent food waste in our daily life (at the shop, at home, in restaurants, etc.). People are particularly interested in all the information they can use to prevent food waste (how to store at home, recipes, food manipulating….). It addresses different customer profiles, such as families, foodies, singles, young people, children, etc.
Some ECOWASTE4FOOD partners refer to Som Gent de Profit in their action plan as a very inspirational good practice.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Cataluña
Cataluña, Spain (España)
Start Date
November 2014
End Date


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