Change of heating system with such on biomass and new lighting with LED and energy efficient lamps.
The project foresees:
Change of horizontal and vertical pipes of heating installation; Change of radiators and thermostatic valves for regulation of heating individually in all rooms; Installation of two new boilers on wooden pellets 300 kW each; Installation of system for automatic control of heating; Installing of new pumps for improvement the efficiency of the heating installation; Change of lighting in order to improve the quality of light and the energy efficiency:

The tender was defined according to the requirements of the Public Procurement Act. The project included:
- Installation of new heating system in the building of the hospital;
- Installation of 2 boilers on biomass 300 kW each;
- Change of lighting with LED and energy efficient lamps;
The selection of offers is based on best cost benefit offer according to the following criteria: Term of completion of the work – 20 points; Technical parameters (energy efficiency, reliability) – 20 points; Price – 60 points.

In order to reach its targets, the municipality envisages and implements measures such as conduction of feasibility study and assessment of the potential for use of RES (PV, biomass, mini HEPS) as well as feasibility study to determine the availability of geothermal and mineral spring water on its territory.
The policy of the municipality include:
• Sustainable exploitation of natural resources and preservation of the environment;
• Sustainable energy development towards energy independence

Resources needed

508,515.8 BGN VAT excl.

Evidence of success

The project resulted in the installation of 2 boilers with a total of 0.6 MW using renewable energy source and the change of 423 lamps with energy efficient ones. These installations will lead to:
• Reducing the annual CO2 emissions by 94.60 t. and improving air quality.
• Annual energy savings amount to 224.121 MWh/a
• Annual cost savings of 9,690 EUR
• Moreover, all the energy necessary for heating of this building is from renewable energy source available in the region.

Potential for learning or transfer

It is important to have a preliminary market assessment and selection of technical solutions to be included in the project design in order to reach the best results of the implementation of the energy efficiency measures. The selection of offers based on cost benefits, not on lower price are an additional guarantee for the success of the project. Such approach to the procurement process requires qualified experts that can provide the best solutions
Main institution
Center for Sustainability and Economic Growth
Южен централен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
March 2015
End Date
June 2016


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