The main objective is to improve the training conditions as well as the development of extracurricular activities for students in 7 schools in Ruse.
The main objective is to improve the energy efficiency and to create a better working and studying environment, through an integrated approach for increasing the cost efficiency of educational infrastructure. It is also crucially important to optimize the management of educational infrastructure, by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions through the implementation of energy efficiency measures in the following schools in the city of Ruse: Bratya Miladinovi Primary School, Toma Kardzhiev Primary School, Olimpi Panov Primary School, Lyuben Karavelov Primary School, Nikola Obretenov Primary School, Friedrich Schiller German Language School, St. Constantine-Cyril the Philosopher Secondary School with the Study of European Languages.

The implementation of the project has contributed to the improvement of the working and training conditions in seven schools on the territory of the city of Ruse and it ensures an adequate, green school environment through the implementation of a comprehensive approach for achieving energy class C of the school buildings.
In the frame of the project were implemented the following measures for improvement of the energy efficiency of the buildings:
• Improvement of the thermal insulation facades
• Improvement of the thermal insulation of the roofs
• Change of windows with energy efficient ones
• Improvement of heating installations

Resources needed

2,478,401 BGN.

Evidence of success

• Annual energy savings 26,763. 45 MWh/year.
• Annual CO2 emissions savings 1,158.51 t CO2/year.
• Improved educational infrastructure – 36,602.92 sq. m – 7 schools.

Potential for learning or transfer

This project is a good example how measures for energy efficiency can lead not only to energy savings, costs benefits and decrease of harmful emissions, but also to:
• Improvement of the quality of life – improved infrastructure of 36,603 m²;
• Job creation – 104 jobs;
• Benefits for many people – 4,024 students;
• Improvement of the quality of education
Main institution
Center for Sustainability and Economic Growth
Южен централен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
January 2010
End Date
September 2012


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