Zlatograd makes investments to improve its citizens’ standard of living by purchasing energy efficient street lightening.
The Municipality of Zlatograd is located in South Bulgaria in the Rhodope Mountains. 81 % of their territory is occupied by forests which represents an excellent precondition for the development of RES projects based on wood biomass.
The municipality adopted a “Programme for fostering the use of renewable energy sources (RES) in the municipality of Zlatograd for the period 2014-2020”.
Following the policy for minimizing energy use and aiming at implementing more RES, the municipality decided to make a step and to turn to energy efficiency.
A tender process was initiated in full compliance with the Public Procurement Act. After a market research, authorities put in the tender documents specific technical parameters and requirements that must be followed.
The investment targets:
- To achieve more efficient maintenance by introducing standardization in lighting equipment and poles
- To reduce energy consumption and light pollution by applying technological innovations which contribute to sustainability on a city-wide scale
- To decrease CO2 emissions and improving air quality
- To improve living standard
- To save money
The tender included the following repair and construction works:
• Detection and elimination of cable damages of street lighting
• Couplings works
• Detection and elimination of damages on air networks of street lighting
• Supply and installation of new energy efficient lighting fixtures
• Replacement of luminaires and lighting fixtures of the

Resources needed

2 people actively working on the documentation of the tender and 3 experts and stakeholders providing additional support. The value of the public contract is BGN 183,184.72 VAT excluding (about EUR 93,660).
Time to implement the measures described in the tender: 2 months.

Evidence of success

The municipality implemented the construction works in June and July of 2016. As a result of this tender, the following improvements and savings are reported by Zlatograd:
• Annual CO2 savings 178.16 t CO2/y and improved air quality;
• Annual energy savings 260,780 kWh/y;
• Annual cost savings of 8,427 EUR
• 860 pcs sodium bulbs and 63 park lamps were replaced with more efficient LED bulbs, while 246 lamps were replaced with LED bulbs (30 W).

Potential for learning or transfer

The main factors for success are as follows:
• Pursuing sustainable energy management policy at local level that clearly identify the implementation of activities;
• Design and development of investment projects and their implementation are based on the experience, skills, and willingness of the local authorities.

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Main institution
Municipality of Zlatograd
Южен централен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
March 2016
End Date
July 2016


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