The set of contracts awarded related to the supply of seals, printed material, paper and office supplies for organizing and conducting seminars.
The Agency for Social Assistance (ASA) is an executive agency of the Bulgarian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. It is responsible for providing social and family benefits, as well as other social services. The implementation of a project funded under the European Social Fund was seen as an opportunity to pilot the application of GPP criteria.

Criteria used for tender contracts:
- at least one of the elements of sound equipment in the halls must meet the latest Energy Star specifications;
- two of the products offered for lunch and for coffee break must be of organic origin;
- Cups should be produced from recycled materials and clearly marked as such;
- Posters and brochures should be produced on paper with at least 75% recycled fibre;
- writing pads should be produced from paper with at least 65% recycled fibre;
- binders for documents, cubes with sticky tape and notebooks should be produced from recycled material with paper being at least 75% recycled fibres;
- pens and bags for documents should be produced from recycled materials (metal, plastic, paper);
- seals must contain a minimum of 80% recycled plastic material

Resources needed

200 000 BGN

Evidence of success

Although the direct impact of a small-scale procurement such as this is minimal, it creates awareness amongst participants, the procuring authority and suppliers regarding environmentally friendly alternatives.

Contracts have been successfully concluded for all lots. The supply of seals made from recycled plastic proved to be the most difficult, with only one tender received despite market research showing multiple suppliers could meet the requirement.

Potential for learning or transfer

As a result of the successful implementation of GPP in these contracts, the ASA is emerging as one of the leading institutions in Bulgaria with a targeted policy associated with the purchase of products and services that are environmentally friendly. Currently, it is responsible for implementing a further two projects in which a total of ten green tenders have been launched. A dedicated workshop was held in December 2011 on the implementation of Bulgaria’s NAP for the period 2012-2014, at which ASA presented its approach and the results. This was attended by approximately 40 representatives of federal agencies and other contracting authorities. The ASA is also providing direct assistance to the National Employment Agency to green its procurement.

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Main institution
Center for Sustainability and Economic Growth
Южен централен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
January 2011
End Date
November 2011


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