The project aims at encouraging energy saving and implementing energy efficient lighting solutions. It targets minimizing energy consumption.
Trakia or Thrace University – the contracting authority – is a higher education institute located in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. The University comprises of 6 faculties and 8 laboratories to provide hands-on training in a wide range of disciplines such as agriculture, health and medicines, economics, information and technology, and engineering. The University is home to 9000 students and 1000 administrative personnel, academic staff and researchers. Bearing in mind the everyday energy consuption and energy waste it generated a public procurement for lightening efficiency had to be organised and implemented. This includes the substitution of 5308 lighting fixtures and the establishment of an automated lighting system.
There was an analysis of energy consumption both indoor and outdoor. Then, a call for was published , divided into two stages/lots - supply of light bulbs and development and implementation of an automated lightening system. The criteria used for evaluating tenders’ environmental performance were a) products’ energy efficiency according CELMA - А2, b) light quality and brightness, c) products’ life span and lifecycle costs, and d) recycling technologies and materials reusability. Bidders had to retain guarantee and warranty obligations for five years, being also responsible to undertake any maintenance, repair and replacement activity as foreseen by the contract.

Resources needed

331 768 BGN VAT excluded

Evidence of success

Former lightening system has been removed and a new one was implemented. Replacement of conventional luminaires with LED ones thus meeting modern technologies and standards for energy efficiency as well as reduction in energy consumption. Implementation of an automated lightening system both indoor and outdoors. The rationale is that bulbs’ environmental impact stems mostly from the in-use phase through energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Potential for learning or transfer

This particular tendering process demonstrates high transferability potential. In fact, this green practice has already been transferred in other public bodies/organisations in Stara Zagora; namely schools, hospitals and other public buildings. The reason why Trakia University’s initiative acts as an example for other organisations (seeking to promote energy efficiency) has to do with the fact that the needs addressed (incl. legal requirements) are common among different sectors and regions, the process entails low implementation risks, and the risk for organisational resistance is rather limited
Main institution
Centre for Sustainability and Economic Growth
Южен централен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
May 2012
End Date


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