A new health garden has been installed into a traditional inner-city park and is managed by the city administration
The Health garden in Kristianstad is located in the old city park just 100 meters from the train station.

It was constructed between 2012 and 2014 as an initiative by the municipality in close cooperation with local organisations and NGOs to include special needs groups in a health preventive activity and increase their well-being. It consists of a garden area with, among other things, perennials, greenhouses, animals and an orangery. Everything grown is organic and sustainable. Around 50 people are involved in organized activities in the garden and greenhouses.

The Health Garden is also considered as an investment to improve the old city park, which was a bit out-dated and started to decline. It was a response to changed user demand on public spce and substanitally improved this green urban environment, the number and satifaction of visitors. It ensures that this green environment will be kept for the people and the nature and as an inportant element in the city's green network.

The unique combination of stakeholders involved, the municipal finance, the free accessibility for the public and the cooperation with organisations and NGOs has proved to be a success.

Resources needed

To build the health garden and the orangery the municipality invested 1,2 million Euro 2012-2014. Since 2016 there is a full time gardener taking care of the activities and maintenance with help from the managing staff in the park.

Evidence of success

Around 50 persons with special needs take part in the activities in the health garden and there has been created a supporting NGO to help the garden. The NGO has around 150 supporters.
The health garden is rated 4.4/5 on google review with 76 reviews.
The Health Garden enhanced the overall use and quality of the old city park and contributes much to safeguard and appreciation of this important inner city environment.

Difficulties encountered

The municipality invested in the garden and orangery without having financed the management and staff and it took some time to allocate resources to arrange gardener employment.

Potential for learning or transfer

There are very few examples of health gardens in a public park in Europe and those challenges concerning combining groups with special needs and public access. The diverse group of users is also special.
Main institution
City of Kristianstad
Sydsverige, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
August 2019
End Date


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