Municipal financial support for Landscaping and Public Works Projects related to the improvement of the condition of the green areas in the city of Varna
Financing of landscaping projects is aimed at improving the quality of life in the individual districts of the municipality by restoring, repairing, renovating and maintaining the green spaces - parks, gardens and inter-block spaces, by implementing measures for sustainable development, safe and environmental conditions, which also leads to cleaner air.

Improving the quality of life by cultivating and maintaining green spaces, improving their material, social and environmental status. Citizens' commitment to the protection of green spaces. The aim is to improve the performance of the green system and safeguard its elements. Including improvement of green spaces and park furniture, construction of recreation areas, planting of long-lived timber and shrub vegetation, flowering with perennial flowers, ennobling and landscaping, utilization and use of spaces in residential neighborhoods to improve living conditions and rest.

The application of the practice takes place under certain conditions - consent of the condominium, preparation of financial and quantitative accounts of the pledged materials, graphic images - sketches, drawings, etc. of the green space. It does not finance project preparation and management costs, labor for the implementation of project activities and services by third parties.

Resources needed

The funds for the implementation of the project are provided by the budget of Varna Municipality. Up to 5000 BGN with VAT (2500 EUR) are allocated for each project. There are currently no restrictions on the number of approved projects.

Evidence of success

The practice is completely new and it is yet to be analyzed and evaluated. Currently there is one submitted and approved project in the Vladislav Varnenchik district.

Difficulties encountered

Possible Challenges to Practice Implementation:
- Approval requires the approval of a general condominium assembly - objectified by a meeting minutes.
- Applicants are required to prepare a financial plan with quantitative and financial indicators, graphic images of the green space to be renovated

Potential for learning or transfer

The practice is not limited by region-specific features. This makes it applicable to any settlement, regardless of population and size of the annual budget. The amount of funding may vary depending on the region and its options. The practice has the added value of expressing citizens' commitment to maintaining their green spaces with the care of a good owner.
Main institution
Varna Municipality
Североизточен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
May 2019
End Date


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