Metropolitan video surveillance solution serving both the road area and public spaces in the city
Galati Municipality has implemented the project named “Intelligent traffic management systems to increase the fluency and safety of circulation and to prevent criminality”, funded by the Regional Operational Programme, Axis 1, according to the needs foreseen in the Integrated Sustainable Development Plan: lack of centralized tools to manage the public transport in Galati; big number of accidents; major delays in transit due to left turns, total delays caused by crossroads and pedestrians; low average movement speed; reducing the level of pollutant emissions or particles . The objective is to implement a metropolitan video surveillance solution serving both the road area and public spaces in the city, which will increase the safety of citizens and property in areas where the system is implemented.
The activities are consisting in the implementation of a traffic management system resulting in: reduce traffic accidents; better monitoring of traffic system with more efficient interventions; integrated management for operational cost; increase of the average speed and decrease of transit delays; reduce delays due to left turnovers, total delays caused by intersections and those for pedestrians; reducing fuel consumption; reducing the level of pollutant or particulate emissions from road traffic; reducing the average annual noise.

Resources needed

Total cost of the project is 4,045,167 EUR. The project team was composed of 7 experts in charge of: managing the project, implementation, procurement, financial management, monitoring, training and outreach, technical management.

Evidence of success

It was set up a integrated system of traffic management and supervision metropolitan video. The system: assures the control of all functionalities through a graphic interface which is friendly and easy to use; allows to represent graphically the map of the monitored areas and to focus on webcams and interest areas; can automatically fire the alarm even if the operator does not notice an event; can be diagnosed and repaired remotely. One of key outcomes is reduction with 10% of crime in the area.

Difficulties encountered

Complexity of the project, the need to put together different operations and equipment, procurement which is a lengthy process and might bring the risk of delaying project implementation.

Potential for learning or transfer

In the context of developing SUMS at local level, Centres with integrated functions – for traffic and crime prevention – are more and more important. The transfer potential of the project is very good due to, especially, the similar characteristic and functions of cities, collaboration between key actors and transferability potential of the equipment used in the process.
The funding source - the Regional Operational Program has addressed the need and launched a call for projects in this regard is also a PRACTICE to be transferred in similar level public authorities.
The centre in Galati: manage unitarily the traffic, allow a quick intervention if a traffic light is broken or there is lack of synchronization, allows monitoring areas without interfering too much with citizens private lives, it is based on collaboration between authorities.
Main institution
Municipality of Galati
Sud-Est, Romania (România)
Start Date
August 2014
End Date
May 2016


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