MobileMonday helps bring together the tech people from Tartu
RELOS3 focuses on implementing RIS3 in a local context by actively involving local authorities, innovation actors and companies. One of the RIS3 growth areas in Estonia is ICT and in order to strengthen the local community and involve them to contribute to other fields (i.e. manufacturing), Tartu City identified the increasing need to address this topic and help the local community to run such initiative. The excitement surrounding the IT industry in Estonia, together with a growing interest in the mobile sector, made it a perfect opportunity to set up a local MobileMonday chapter. This community helps to provide international exposure and business opportunities for local companies and helps them to exchange personal experiences gained in the sector.
Since 2012 Tartu City Government has been one of the supporters and organizers of Mobile Mondays, which has helped to increase the regularity of the events, to gain more traction and to involve more partners from the business sector. There are about 5-6 Mobile Mondays in a year which attracts about 70-100 attendees per event.

Resources needed

Budget for room rents, project management, coordination, catering, etc.
Tartu City Government supports each event with 500 EUR

Evidence of success

Tartu City Government decided to support this initiative to increase the regularity of the events, to gain more traction and to involve more partners from the business sector.
-the number of events has increased to 5-6 Mobile Mondays in a year
- the number of participants about 70-100 attendees per event.
We see that with the event is connecting people and helps to increase to the cooperation between ICT companies, between ICT and manufacturing and increase the number of new start-ups

Difficulties encountered

• Funding – although city is contributing, the need for additional funding remains for bringing better speakers/experts
• Keeping the stakeholder group balanced to make the effort together
• Find topics relevant to the community that have wider interest

Potential for learning or transfer

ICT sector is unique compared to other sectors. To increase the visibility and bring RIS3 closer to them, you need to find ways for find the right value proposition. Although originally meant for the tech community, topics like metal processing, engineering, etc have been taken to the program in order to help the cooperation between traditional companies and ICT. This enables for knowledge spill over to help the whole region and not only ICT.
Main institution
MobileMonday Estonia
Eesti, Estonia (Eesti)
Start Date
January 2012
End Date


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