Tartu Entrepreneurship Week brings seminars, workshops, study trips, etc. to the citizens each year to promote entrepreneurial activities in the Tartu region
RELOS3 focuses on implementing RIS3 in a local context. By actively involving innovation actors and companies withing the field of RIS3, Tartu City has been organising Tartu Entrepreneurship Week since 2005.
It is foremost to increase the entrepreneurial activities in the region and help existing companies (not only those in the field of smart specialisation) to increase their competitiveness.
In the past few years it has become usual that about 70-80 different events take place during the entrepreneurship week. This includes competitions, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, conferences and information days as well as the organisation of educational games and visits to various companies. The events are organised in cooperation between Tartu City Government, business support organisations, universities and other educational institutions, companies and non-governmental organisations. Every year more than 20 partners are involved.
Everyone starting from students to seasoned entrepreneurs is welcome to attend the events taking place during Tartu Entrepreneurship Week. All events are free and there are about 4000 participants every year.
Tartu Entrepreneurship Week takes place annually at the first full week of October

Resources needed

Budget for room rents, project management, coordination, etc. accounts for nearly 20000 EUR.

Evidence of success

• Nearly 4000 visitors yearly
• Number of events 70-80
• The synergy between the City Government and business support ecosystems was created for future cooperation
• Future cooperation in creating the entrepreneurial vibe in Tartu is ongoing
• Increasing visibility for entrepreneurship topics related to RIS3

Difficulties encountered

Coordination - One of the main challenges is to involve different actors like business support organizations, universities, and other educational institutions, companies and non-governmental organizations.

Potential for learning or transfer

In order to bring visibility and knowledge about RIS3 topics in the region, printed materials are not good enough. By creating a network, sourcing different business support organizations and speakers, we have achieved the most successful entrepreneurship focused event in Estonia that has been recognised as good practice in several projects all across the EU.

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Main institution
Tartu City Government
Eesti, Estonia (Eesti)
Start Date
October 2005
End Date


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