The City of La Rochelle has improved attractiveness of its PT network by launching a new service offer and pricing combined with a new unique identity (YELO).
With Yélo, the network offer and pricing system was upgraded, making ALL modes of transport easier and more practical to use with ONE single smart card: buses/coaches, bike sharing, park‐and‐rides, boats, electric car‐sharing and train.
This BP should be seen in the context of promoting various coordinated tools related to the mobility management. This includes various transversal concepts and measures such as the promotion of sustainable transport, behaviours change, etc. In this sense, it has to be emphasized that the implementation of the above mentioned measures in La Rochelle conurbation, were part of other important actions already undertaken since 2005 through SUCCESS project, such as clean vehicles (EEV buses, hybrid microbuses, experimentation on pure vegetable oils and used cooking oils), carpooling service, dedicated bus lanes, park‐and‐ride, improvement of car‐sharing and city logistics, new cycle paths and which supposed the real involvement of political decision‐makers.
In order to increase user satisfaction with the integrated smart card in La Rochelle, a new service was offered in order to make the management of subscriptions more flexible by offering recharging. The Internet recharging service was made easily accessible on the website of the public Transport Operator.

Resources needed

A working group in SUCCESS was set up involving all actors and transport operators, as well as service users, in order to determine the various improvements needed to ensure better coordination and synchronization between multiple transport modes with multiple operators.

Evidence of success

As a result of measure implementation:
• the one-ticket approach to public transport was promoted;
• satisfaction among new categories of users improved;
• the management of subscriptions was made more efficient for both transport operators and users;
• the number of passengers using public transport increased;
• the number of visitors to the main tourist sites increased;
• more than 11,500 Pass Rochelais were sold between 2005 and 2008;

Potential for learning or transfer

The CiViTAS SUCCESS demonstrated that, with an ambitious package of mobility and traffic management measures, significant results can be seen regarding sustainable transport and energy policy. The implementation and development of an e-ticketing system should be part of a larger planning process regarding the management of mobility.
With the ultimate goal of making public transport easier for travellers, the objective of this measure was to develop methods and a decision-making tool to help transport authorities to optimise the effectiveness and operational quality of their activities.
Main institution
La Rochelle Town Hall
Bretagne, France
Start Date
June 2005
End Date


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