The city administration of Maribor set new rules for last mile delivery in city center to avoid air polution and regulate the delivery in pedestrian zone
In the city centre of Maribor (especially in the pedestrian zone), where shop keepers and restaurant owners need urgently goods to be delivered during the day (10.00–20.00) only electric cars of the Post Office are allowed to deliver.
A social enterprise was established and provides last-mile delivery services to grocers and retailers throughout the city center of Maribor by cargo bikes which are fast and reliable.

Resources needed

Delivery companies had to adapt and cover the financial resources to purchase environmental friendly vehicles.

Evidence of success

There is less traffic during the day in the pedestrian zone, the retail sector and delivery service organizes more efficiently the delivery. With the measure low carbon strategy is carried out.

Difficulties encountered

Surveys were carried out among delivery companies as well as among shop and restaurant owners, analysis were made and a new city ordinance was adopted. After meetings with companies and informing the involved companies a certain time was set to let the companies adapt.

Potential for learning or transfer

The surveys and adapting process were important for all stakeholders: Municipality of Maribor, delivery companies, Cargo bike delivery social enterprise, retail stores, restaurants.

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Main institution
Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
June 2019
End Date


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