An energy-efficient building equipped with installations using renewable energy sources - heat pumps, solar collectors and photovoltaic panels.
Good practice is an idea for combining a modern workplace with a center for promoting pro-ecological ideas. The first part is an example of a modern, energy-efficient office, while the second part has an educational room combined with a conference room, which are used to carry out activities in the field of environmental education. For this purpose, a training and exhibition room for 30 people was designed on the ground floor of the building, combined with a conference room for 50 people, where it’s possible to organize various types of meetings, lectures and exhibitions to promote pro-ecological ideas.
The building (with a usable area of 2,632 sq m) was designed in the form of a cuboid truncated from the south side. A characteristic element of the design are also wooden blinds placed on a steel substructure, whose task is to protect the rooms against excessive heating. The office building has been designed in the standard of a low-energy building. Modern renewable energy systems (solar, photovoltaic and heat pumps) and other environment-friendly technologies are planned in the facility (eg ventilation system with heat recovery or installations allowing for using rainwater for irrigation of green areas).
The investment was located in the least interference with the existing forest stand and educational paths have been arranged around the building to promote issues related to environmental protection.

Resources needed

Usable area: 2 600 sq m
Cubature: 8 900 c m
Building area: 852 sq m
The value of the investment: ca. EUR 4 mln

Evidence of success

The building is an example of a low-energy building. The annual energy consumption does not exceed 35 kWh/sq m. In the case of "standard" construction the energy needed to heat a building like this is approx. 165 kWh per sq m per year.

Difficulties encountered

As a starting point for the design of the building, the concept of a modern, low-energy building, technologically advanced, based on proprietary solutions developed by engineers, and above all environmentally friendly, of highest possible functional and operational parameters was adopted.

Potential for learning or transfer

The investment in ecology is needed and simply pays off. Modern technologies that have been used in the construction of this building are an inspiration for other public and private sector entities. It is not only an investment in ecology, but also meeting the expectations of the society and its professional service.
In accordance with Directive 2010/31/EU, from the beginning of 2021, all newly built facilities in European Union countries that have been put into use will have to be buildings with almost zero energy consumption. Therefore, it is a good practice for municipalities in Lodzkie Region, but also throughout the country and EU, which will have a chance to better prepare for those new regulations.

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Main institution
Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Lodzkie Region
Łódzkie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
June 2015
End Date
December 2015


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