Everygirl Everywhere encourages girls and women to enter the digital workforce, building a new gender-balanced generation of digital leaders.
Everygirl Everywhere is an umbrella project by Smart Everything Everywhere. Its mission is to encourage girls and women of all age to enter the digital workforce. By supporting female entrepreneurs, it builds a new, gender-balanced generation of digital leaders and reduces the gender gap in the digital sector.
Objective 1 To promote digital skills for women while challenging stereotypes
Action: EveryGirl Caravan: a series of meetings and events supported by the IT industry to promote local role models in the IT sector and build local communities that support girls and women in tech. These are opportunities to inspire, train and connect the digital women leaders of tomorrow.
Objective 2: To grow the IT industry and IT workforce
Action: Working with the EveryGirl Alliance (national multi-stakeholder coalition of actors, committed to closing the digital gender gap) to organise coding events, hackathons, trainings and professional reconversion programmes. These provide hands-on experience, skills, and know-how required to succeed in digital and connects members.
Objective 3: To build up Romania’s leverage in the EU
Action: exporting sustainable and replicable good practices on closing the gender gap in the digital sector.
To achieve these objectives, a stakeholder network was created with key players to ensure that efforts are concerted and aligned. The network involves the IT industry, schools, universities and academia and the EveryGirl Alliance.

Resources needed

Until now, the financial model was private funding. 200k€ if the launch investment required in 1 city (Bucharest) and 500k€ to expand to 2 other cities. To expand into other cities, there would be a need for a larger team and investments in logistics, promotion and advertising.

Evidence of success

-Flagship conference ”Digital Romania International Forum III”; - 400 international and Romanian decision-makers attendances .
- A video campaign involving females;1 dissemination event at Grand Opening Women Code Festival in Brussels October 2018, 1 workshop in Bucharest 2018, 1 meetup dedicated to women developers, 1 workshop may 2019, 1 dissemination event at Digital international Forum may 2019, 4 caravans in 4 cities starting from november 2019 - january 2020

Potential for learning or transfer

The GP has many components that could be transferred:
1. The creation of the EveryGirl Alliance, a multi-stakeholder forum with a common objective;
2. The organisation of different types of events (EveryGirl Convoy), each focusing on different topics and different means of engaging women and some providing concrete training and skills;
3. Awareness raising campaigns, including engagement of inspirational women that young ladies respect and look up to.

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Main institution
Smart Everything Everywhere
Bucureşti - Ilfov, Romania (România)
Start Date
June 2018
End Date


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