The Mazovian Green Chemistry Valley (MGCV) is a cluster of scientific institutions from Mazovia region.
- The Mazovian Green Chemistry Valley (MGCV) is a cluster of scientific institutions from Mazovia region including the institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) (Institute of Physical Chemistry PAN, Institute of Organic Chemistry PAN), research institutes (Institute of Nuclear Chemistry Technology, Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Research Institute) and chemical departments of universities (Warsaw University of Technology, University of Warsaw).
- The collaboration is the first of its kind aggregating the best chemistry-related institutions with the highest level of academic staff to support research activities in the region.
- All members of the MGCV are cooperating on development of green chemistry through distribution of knowledge and supporting technology transfer. The mission of the cluster is to build a bridge between science and industry.

Resources needed

The MGCV activity is financed from the own resources of the cluster members and amounts to ca. EUR 4,000 annually. Support for the work of the Council requires 1/2 full man-months.

Evidence of success

• Mazovian Green Chemistry Volley, because of the high level of academic staff and engineering experience of its institutional participants, is a European-class infrastructure for research in chemistry, with open access to national and European cooperation.
• MGCV has prepared the project National Center of Chemistry (NCC), aims to create an infrastructure that allows conducting research, development and implementation work from all fields of chemistry.
• MGCV has created an offer for companie

Potential for learning or transfer

The formula of the MGCV is unique. Since most of clusters are aggregating industrial player, MGCV is a join initiative of scientific institutions open for cooperation with world of business and the public sector.
The aim of such initiative is to provide a forum for information exchange and dissemination knowledge, to support development of different branches of industry by ensuring access to well-equipped laboratories as well as small scale production lines and to support education programs in chemistry.
Currently, the innovation is a key factor determining success of the company on the market. It requires close cooperation between the industrial sector and scientific institutions, which can be achieved by formation of clusters, such as MGCV.
Main institution
Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology
Mazowieckie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
October 2012
End Date


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