Interactive tool to visualize the evolution of the sectorial and technological specialization of research and innovation of Catalonia funded with European funds
The RIS3-MCAT Platform is an open government project and data visualization that integrates, relates and interoperates open data of science and innovation projects, with the aim of contributing to the following objectives:
• Understand the impact of European funds on the specialization of the research and innovation ecosystem of Catalonia.
• Identify opportunities to maximize the collective impact of research and innovation.
• Provide new evidence that facilitates the decision-making of the agents of the research and innovation ecosystem of Catalonia, foster new dynamics of collaboration and inspire new public policies.
• Visibilize the entities of Catalonia that participate in the European networks of research and innovation.
• Understand how European funds contribute to providing innovative responses to the challenges of our society.

At the moment, in proof of concept phase, the Platform allows to map and characterize the activity of Catalan entities in projects of the European Horizon 2020 program and the instruments of the RIS3CAT.
• Maps dynamically the relationships between the entities of the R & D syste.
• Maps dynamically the collaboration of the entities of Catalonia with international partners within the framework of the Horizon 2020 program.
• Shows the temporary evolution and geographical distribution of the projects and actors of the R + D + I ecosystem of Catalonia.
• Allows to explore areas of research and innovation from more than 15,000 keywords

Resources needed

The platform is partially funded through European regional development funds (ERDF).
The development, expansion, analytical support and maintenance services of the platform have been tendered for a maximum value of 91,000 euros for the period 2021 -2027

Evidence of success

The platform includes 2,890 projects, 1,182 entities, 1,885,150,983 € investment and 9,875 foreign partners.

Potential for learning or transfer

This type of initiative and platform can be replicated in other regions to know and order their research projects, connections between different centers and are a good basis for finding partners in new projects and helping in decision making

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Main institution
Regional Government of Cataluña
Cataluña, Spain (España)
Start Date
May 2018
End Date


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