An applied research Institute supporting the development of new products and providing consultations to experts, agricultural cooperatives and farmers.
Agriculture Institute Karnobat holds science research and transfers innovations from the cities to the villages, where the main agriculture producers are. The Institute was founded in 1925 and is based in the South-Eastern part of Bulgaria, an area with own climatic and nature characteristics.
One of the main activities of the Institute is related to the rapid invasion of new science products in the agricultural production. In order to prepare agricultural producers for the new technological developments, the Institute established in 2001 a specialized Department for Scientific Services and Marketing.
The main objectives and tasks of the Department for Scientific Services and Marketing are as follows:
• To carry out scientific services in the field of fruit-growing in Bulgaria and abroad;
• To carry out development activities on the main directions of the Institute;
• To popularize research and development in products;
• To direct the implementation, production and advertising of new products related to the Institute's scientific and economic activity;
• To carry out specialized consultations of experts, agricultural cooperatives and farmers;
• To enter into direct contacts and train through different forms agriculture producers and farmers;
• To carry out a scientifically popular publishing activity;
• To prepare technological projects for application for funding to the State Fund "Agriculture".

Resources needed

The budget of the Agriculture Institute Karnobat and of the Department for Scientific Services and Marketing is ensured by the government and the Fund scientific researches.
For example the budget of the Institute for 2018 was 1 028 774 BGN, around 20 000 BGN was the budget of the Department.

Evidence of success

The Department promotes the creation of new types of products in the region and supports local producers from the rural areas in modernizing their production. It provides expert consultations, assures demand-oriented advice for local producers and supports the transfer and testing of research results into real practice.In the last 5 years the Department supported the development and practical testing of 10 new types of barley and 2 types of oats.

Potential for learning or transfer

The Agriculture Institute Karnobat is one of its kind for the whole Burgas region. It brings together science and agriculture and can be viewed as an example of the cooperation of researchers and farmers. The Department of Science Research and Marketing to the Institute supports the production and advertisement of new products, offers consultations of experts, agricultural cooperatives and farmers and prepares technological projects. Its ideas and methods could be transferred to other Bulgarian regions as well as abroad.
Main institution
Agriculture Institute Karnobat
Югоизточен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
July 2019
End Date


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