Service of “one stop shop” aiming to play a catalytic role as a single contact point for innovation development and mediation between academia and businesses.
The One Stop Liaison Office of the Region of Central Macedonia, Greece, is an important intervention at the regional innovation ecosystem towards the establishment of strong links between research producers and businesses and the limitation of time-consuming bureaucratic procedures. It operates as a contact point that brings closer and interconnects directly the academia, research institutes, qualified personnel and innovation generators with the real market (industry and businesses). That way both sides can benefit, their competencies/competitiveness can be developed, and finally, regional development can be achieved.

In addition, the “one stop shop” acts as a point of information provision and support of potential investors and entrepreneurs that helps them grow as well as proceed with the procedures. Under this support mechanism, a. personalized specialized advices can be provided or b. the completion of a series of procedures can be undertaken until the final approval and financing of a business plan. So far, a businessman had to dedicate an important amount of time to do it himself by visiting numerous agencies but now the goal is to simplify and rationalize everything.

Through this mechanism, the Region secures an innovation and entrepreneurship friendly environment which will promote and enhance the regional relevant ecosystem and its actors.

Resources needed

The total budget dedicated was 1,357,000 euros derived from the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020 of the Region of Central Macedonia, co-funded by the ERDF.

Evidence of success

Expected benefits: increased R&D expenditures funded by businesses, more agreements of technology transfer of all kinds (funded research, assignment, consulting, etc.) between academic institutions and enterprises, immediate exploitation of the results of the studies/surveys/projects carried out, facilitation of cooperation through direct links, capacity building, cultivation of culture of “continuous innovation” and growth, efficient research mapping and status control on behalf of the Region.

Potential for learning or transfer

The transferability of the practice is already proven. In fact, the one stop shop had been identified as a GP in Catalonia, Spain within the PURE COSMOS Interreg Europe project. Thus, it was transferred and adopted by the Region of Central Macedonia, Greece, which was one of the project’s partner regions. A representative of the partner from Catalonia contributed significantly with her experiences during the design of the Greek One Stop Liaison Office.
It is an innovation and entrepreneurship support agency which aims to ensure the crucial networking among stakeholders, to facilitate and promote the collaboration between academia and real market as well as the process of accessing all the necessary specialist support under one roof and with one visit. All EU regions can adopt and adapt the idea of “one stop shop” in order to reduce the public administration costs, achieve better coordination and bring together many fields of expertise with the view to boost innovation in their region.
Main institution
Region of Central Macedonia
Κεντρική Μακεδονία, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
January 2019
End Date


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