Augmented reality is used to introduce a system of tracking and checking logistics information with a series of control commands.
Arald, (Augmented Reality Applications in Logistic Domain) is a sysem that allows the integration of augmented reality, the voice command system and a system of barcode readers or image detectors integrated into a wearable glove. Through such equipment, the logistics operator performs operations in a secure manner, with double control (both through the barcode and visual) drastically reducing errors and working "hands free".

Resources needed

The research was co-financed under the Regional Operational Program - F.E.S.R. Abruzzo 2007-2013 ("Activity1.1.1. Support for the realization of Industrial Research and / or Experimental Development projects for companies aggregated with further Innovation Hubs - Line B), worth EU 200,000 of costs.

Evidence of success

The Project has an intended double impact: both to improve the logistic information systems and their interoperability, and to optimize the activities related to the maintenance of the planned and unplanned handling equipment in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

Potential for learning or transfer

The practice allows savings in terms of time, money and increased security for operators who can operate "hands free". In terms of potential impact and transferability, it can be said that ARALD Project is a positive sign of interaction for research and development in order to favour the implementation of integrated and smart transport-related systems.
Main institution
Abruzzo Region
Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date
June 2015


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