Increasing the knowledge and capacity of the Bulgarian companies to export on international markets through basic, sectoral trainings and information seminars.
The export orientation of the SMEs is achieved through the participation of Bulgarian SMEs in trainings in export, information meetings focused on internationalisation and creation of sector-oriented export strategies.
The good practice is realized by implementation of the activities under the project BG161 PO003-4.2.01-0001 „Promotion of the internationalisation of Bulgarian enterprises”, funded by the ERDF and National budget. Increasing of knowledge is made through:
1) basic trainings for defining export readiness of SMEs; development of business plan and foreign market analysis; planning for target market servicing; requirements in terms of business and activities; external and internal risks for the company; export action plan; export marketing – documentation.
2) info seminars dedicated to commercial agreements and information resources of the EU; good practices in exporting to third and EU countries from Bulgarian producers and traders; export insurance and export financing opportunities.
3) trainings specialized for different export oriented sectors as food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical products, textile, clothing, furniture, manufacture of machines, equipment, vehicle, etc.
BSMEPA is delivering its services in partnership with branch associations, chambers of commerce and industry as well as other local NGOs.
BSMEPA maintains close relations with more than 50 foreign business and trade development organizations.

Resources needed

The total cost of the practice is 1 571 979 EUR and is part of the budget of the project BG161PO003 – 4.2.01-0001, “Promotion of the internationalisation of the Bulgarian SMEs".

Evidence of success

The quantitative indicators which measure the success of the good practice are:
-Introductory and info seminars held – 90;
-Specialized sectoral trainings held – 36;
-Number of enterprises participated in trainings, seminars, information meetings and/or consultations – 3500.

Potential for learning or transfer

Validation of the success of the GP is provided additional funds from the state budget for to guarantee implementation of the activities for the period after the closure of the Project (April 2015) untill next similar project has started. Potentially for transfer are the approach of support as free of charge trainings for SMEs for raising the capacity, promoting and developing the export activity of the companies.

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Main institution
Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency
Югозападен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
January 2011
End Date
November 2013


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