Food waste preventing actions such as preparing new dishes consisting of food residues, analysis of waste composition or rational portions in smaller dishes
Mercure Wrocław belongs to Orbis (hotel owner), operates within the Accor group and is in line with the Accor Planet 21 Acting Here sustainability program. It seeks to significantly reduce the negative impact of our hotels on the environment at all levels in 5 years - from the crew, through guests to food. The goal is to reduce the amount of food waste in hotels by 30% by 2020, but also creating innovative tools and programs to facilitate its implementation in cooperation with partners and local communities. In 2018 a program KuMin.Sys was tested, which measures how much and what is wasted. On the one hand, KuMin measures post-production waste, such as all peelings from vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, what went out into the room, but it comes back from it - the guest did not eat, what they did not even touch and what was left in the kitchen, but it was never released. With the results the authors of the application Venturis Food Waste Solutions prepare a strategy and ideas to prevent excessive food waste. In November 17th 2017 Mercure Hotel made available a conference room for two-days Food Waste Hackathon Wrocław, where people discussed in groups possible ways of reducing avoidable food waste in the Hotel.

Resources needed


Evidence of success

The Hotel uses selected edible food waste as an ingredient for some specially designed dished such as coffee residues to cakes and cookies or dry fruits from imperfect or surplus available. The Hotel prepare dishes in small portions, as many customers like to try many things, but do not always eat all portion, like cake, desserts in glass, cut fruits etc.

Difficulties encountered

The challenge is to utilize uneaten food from the plates. The regulation states, that this food cannot be used for redistribution, but dispose of. Only untouched food from buffet or one that did not have the chance to leave the kitchen can be processed and reused.

Potential for learning or transfer

The hotel posses the information how to overcome food residue status into a product to prepare a new dish and have experience with carrying out actions to support them. It mainly consist of which food residues have potential to be used more, which less, how to educate the customers in food waste issue, and how to estimate the amount of food needed for each meal, how is it changing during the year, week etc.
Many problems comes with estimating volume of food residues. Moreover at such Hotel there is high standard concerning amount food available for the customers. Reducing the quantity might result in ‘insufficient’ or ‘poor’ image of the buffet.
Main institution
Mercure Wrocław Centrum
Dolnośląskie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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