L. R. has set up a educational activity to teachers in collaboration with Education Offices, aimed at introducing "Food waste" item into regional programmes
This project is part of the regional work table on environmental education promoted and coordinated by the Directorate General Environment and Climate which sees the participation of the other interested Departments and of the subjects who, in various capacities, deal with environmental education in the Lombardy Region; a sort of "operative arm" of the Education Table is represented by the memorandum of understanding that the DG has signed with the Regional School Office; among the other objectives of the protocol in fact it is proposed to:
• involve schools in regional actions aimed at sustainable development
• activate transversal intervention projects promoted by the Lombardy Region Board for environmental education
• promote joint activities between the Environmental Education Table of the Regional School Office and the regional table on environmental education and sustainable development.
The Regional Working Table has addressed the issue of food waste not only because it is strongly related to Expo 2015, but also due to the strong impact involved (cultural, environmental, ethical, social); with a view to sustainable development, the environmental education approach (starting from school education) is fundamental to guide the choices of citizens, in the role of consumers.
The aims of the project are: collecting a fair amount of educational experiences to spread throughout Lombardy, have the bases to create a territorial network for environmental education .

Resources needed

The project was carried out at no cost, using regional employees. The people involved in various capacities were 5, over a period of one year. The project was run in collaboration with the Regional Scholastic Office and, therefore, with the teachers of the various territorial offices involved.

Evidence of success

A huge amount of schools have joined the project. In occasion of the last event in 2017 it has been illustrated and seen a good number of books and videos elaborated by students.
Teachers' participation in the training days at the regional regional offices and at Palazzo Lombardia, projects on the reduction of food waste made by students

Potential for learning or transfer

This project can be replicated wherever you want. if you increase the awareness of the kids, you will be more confident of achieving the objectives of the circular economy

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Main institution
Lombardy region
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
March 2015
End Date
May 2018


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