Highlighting the learning process towards innovative elements and approaches organizing student’s internship on Waste management system of Sofia municipality
The cooperation between Sofia University, Sofia municipality and Waste Management Municipal Enterprise are establish in which pre-graduated and graduate students can apply for internship on Waste management system of Sofia municipality. The common practice were establish for students with environment profile studies internship in the Mechanical Biological Treatment plant and other installation during their educational process in order to gain practical experience on operational waste management processes. The opportunity to receive practical knowledge on waste management processes at the stage of student training significantly reduces the time required for adaptation and training when entering a job. This approach satisfies partly the constant need for expert staff in the sector and helps the students during their search for appropriate job opportunity. The environment practice/internship is obligatory for all the BSc students in bio management and sustainable development. The internship is organize as environment practice and are health on 6th semester for at least 32 hours. The BSc students from Ecology and Environment protection are obliged to cover at least 12 days/ 48 hours in practice / internship during the 6th semester of their study.

Resources needed

There is no additional information about the amount of resources invested in current good practice.

Evidence of success

From the beginning of the 2019 so far more than 70 internships were held and the number will continuing to grow by the end of the year. There are an opportunity and consultation in that direction to adobe the internship as obligatory for all SU students with environment profile.

Difficulties encountered

Social factors - Capabilities and skills lacking either in-house or in the market at reasonable cost

Potential for learning or transfer

The current good practice can learn from LombardyGP02 practice, related to introducing Food waste in school. Lombardy Region has realized a formation activity to teachers in collaboration with Ufficio Scolastico Regionale, aimed at introducing "Food waste" item into regional study programmes.
The current good practice can be transferred and applied by other universities in Bulgaria. All entities are welcomed annually on the waste treatment facilities sites.
You can find relative good practices on CircE Web site: Synpotic opportunities report and the Opportunities reports, etc.
Learning and/or transfer inspiration can be taken from all these quoted GPs, as well as from the current one.
Main institution
Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"
Югозападен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
November 2015
End Date


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