Local Health service got 25 mln euro from private investors in order to improve the energy efficiency of 13 Buildings, 6 Hospitals and 7 territorial buildings.
The main data of the EPC:
13 buildings including 6 hospitals and 7 territorial health buildings
Total square meters around 250,000 and about 1,000,000 cubic meters
A total consumption of about 87 Gwh / year of primary energy
A total ordinary maintenance cost of 3.6 million euros
A historical expense of the three addends (gas, electricity, and ordinary maintenance) of 10.5 million euros
A total contract amount of 115.3 million euros
In the first year (flat rate historical expenditure - 10%) the company completes all the efficiency improvement interventions, and in the following 10 years of duration the company puts in place the maintenance and the management of the buildings with a fee (max historical expense - auction discount) subject to performance verification
Results expected:
An investment for compliance and new thermal and electrical systems and for new technologies for the regulation of € 25,062,000 to be paid by the private investor;
A reduction of the current historical expenditure for electricity and gas utilities and for the maintenance of buildings of € 1,499,212 for each year for ten years;
The construction of a single control room for all the buildings from which to manage monitoring and regulating the installations of 13 buildings distributed within a within a radius of 100 km
The activation of 75 operators, technical and operational for a ten-year duration.
A reduction in atmospheric emissions equivalent to the reduction of 6,500 vehicles.

Resources needed

The total expense for the Health Service will be 90 millions of euro; these are less funds ( -10%) in comparison with the historical expenditure. Important, the group of energy manager and technicians (10) who were dedicated to the writing of the EPC and od the call.

Evidence of success

6 group of international investors participated in the tender for a contract of 115,3 million, of which 25 paid by the private investor. The implementation of a contract of E.P.C. represents a "Win Win Strategy" with winning and optimal elements for both contracting parties: the P.A. increases the value of the assets and realizes an important budget saving on its annual management costs, the E.S.Co. they get the guarantee of important turnovers for medium-long periods of time.

Difficulties encountered

The call has a total amount of 115,3 million euros, was defined as envisaged by the European Directive 2012/27 / EU which establishes a framework of measures for the promotion and improvement of energy efficiency that contribute to the achievement of the national energy saving target.

Potential for learning or transfer

Potential for learning or transfer
1. the contract was drawn up according to the European directive, so this scheme must be applied in all the states of the union
2. Through the Energy Performance Contract it is possible to decrease the use of primary energy, with interventions on technologies, and to obtain greater efficiency through new regulation and management systems of the BMS type, also creating unique control rooms, for multiple buildings distributed over areas vast territorial, such as the provincial or new USL.
3. this contract was the first to be signed in Tuscany, and was made possible by the efficiency of management and the clarity of the rules: many other structures encounter great difficulties passing from theory to the practical application of the rules. and they can find in this experience a lot of ready-made material that will help them in their situations.

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Main institution
Local Healthcare Company of North West Tuscany
Toscana, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
February 2019
End Date


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