Social Refrigerators to distribute surplus food and products with a short expiration date
The foundation (the name translate into 'lend a hand') is actively working on helping people with providing them food. Their activities concern giving out food for the poor, help establish social refrigerators, supply social refrigerators, cooperation with food bank. Social refrigerator is fridge where all residents of Wrocław city can leave their food (with direct regulation, what is allowed and what is not) and take it, despite their material status. The foodsharing initiative was started by a group of people who being in Germany’s dorms saw such solution to share edible food with other students.

In social refrigerator many restaurants, bars, catering companies, bakeries, grocery stores can leave food, and they do it frequently. To promote sudden big supply, a management volunteer, a donor or beneficiary can upload an information on facebook group with pictures and description of what is inside.

Resources needed

Volunteers, who will manage the fridge (clean it, throw out expired food); frigdes (there are currently 16 fridges); constant access to electricity; network of donors (mainly residents) and beneficiary

Evidence of success

Approximately 21 000 kg of food package gave out to the poor, which gives 470 packages per week.
There are 16 social refrigerators in Wrocław.

Potential for learning or transfer

The foundation has an established network of organizations, volunteers and beneficiary gained by experience through 3 years of operation.
Main institution
Dolnośląskie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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