STIP Euskadi 2020 plan is aligned with a growth strategy for this decade Europe 2020 Strategy set up by EU.
The main objective of this strategy is to respond to the need to improve the well-being, economic growth, employment of the Basque Country society based on a research policy and innovation established on smart specialization and the improving of the efficiency of the Science, Technology and Innovation System (STIS).
The STIP Euskadi 2020 has a dual function of helping region overcome the recent crisis and creating the right conditions for a different, more intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth.
The main beneficiaries are:
- Companies: they are the main active core of the Basque STIS.
- Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network, which is composed by the Science System, the Technology System and Innovation Support System.
Both type of agent are keystones in the knowledge economy development within the European and International environment, where companies and Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network agents have to take part in the global chains of value generation. Indeed, this framework strategy created the adequate progress of the Ageing ecosystem which endowed it with the tools and capacities that strengthened it and allowed it to develop solutions around the silver economy which impact in the society. Nowadays, there are key agents able to work in the generation of new value chain around the Ageing thank to the scenario built with the STIP.

Resources needed

The budget estimate that has been developed, as it was collected previously, implies having an amount over the 2014-2020 period total of 11,100M€ for its investment in research activities and technological development.

Evidence of success

Objective (O) Indicator (I) Achieved
1 Researchers aligned to S3 100%
2 Mix of R&D&I ~100%
3a Indexed articles 75%
3b Articles Q1 100%
3c EPO patents 79%
3d New manufactured products 100%
4a Foreign financing 93%
4b Basque funding on the total funds of the framework program 100%
4c M€ of international private funding 67%
5 Innovative companies with > 10 employees 88%
6a PhD researcher over the total amount of researches 89%
6b PhD researcher in companies 80%

Difficulties encountered

The strategy combines the public and private financing of the ecosystem but both do not progress in the desired rate. The delivery of the S3 strategy engaging SMEs has had a positive effect into the development of a multi-level government model.

Potential for learning or transfer

STIP EUSKADI 2020 plan is a good example of how to revitalise and boost sustainable economic growth, employment and well-being of a 2M people region (Basque Country) by shifting science, technology and innovation activities based on the smart specialisation and the efficiency of the Science, Technology and Innovation System. It is the frame under two other strategies and plans: the Europe 2020 and the RIS3 strategy. So, the STIP EUSKADI 2020 creates the scenario where develop two main strategies being an example of how to create a well-defined strategically document.
Key content suitable for transfer include a focus on:
• A global plan for SMEs and other economic agent giving them the chance of facing new challenges and also helping them to obtain new future competitive skills.
• Most of structures/programs created to develop the plan.
• Indicators to monitor the progress of a structural strategy.
• The experience and assessment of mistakes and failures of which represents.
Main institution
Regional Government of País Vasco
País Vasco, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date


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