The Transformative Action of Fundão is about reprogramming lives by learning coding - a skill that can be as important as knowing how to speak English.
The transformative action arises from the path that has been designed by the municipality at several levels such as:

• Development of an Innovation Plan in 2012
• Creation of the Living Lab of Cova da Beira: with cooperation between public and private entities
• Development and implementation of an urban incubator for enterprises and businesses through the rehabilitation of vacant or underutilised public buildings
• Promoting urban regeneration and providing benefits to attract people and enterprises to the city center

In this context 500 new jobs were created in the IT sector, in companies that have invested in Fundão and that are hiring candidates with high technological skills. By the contact maintained with the companies it has been identified that Fundão needs, by the end of 2019, at least 300 new professionals in the IT sector.

The ACADEMIA DE CÓDIGO comes as a recruitment possibility that allows them to grow and reach new projects to be developed in Fundão.

So, since 2 years ago, WE CHOOSE TO REQUALIFIED the people in this respective training coding areas, we're turning them – over 14 weeks of intense training, in Developers.

After several editions of the Bootcamp in Fundão, which aims to requalify the digital skills of young people, equipping them with skills and tools very much sought by the labour market, the results are very encouraging, registering an employability rate higher than 95%, in local ICT SME.

Resources needed

The need for talent in ICT: only a small number of programmers and developers were available in the market in relation to the companies’ needs. The high levels of unemployment ultimately meant there was a possibility to have professionals from any area becoming IT developers.

Evidence of success

The impact has been at socio-cultural, socio-economic and at technological levels bringing together, representatives of the quadruple helix working towards the overall improvement of our society. This model has allowed to:

• Reinforcement for attracting companies and new talents;
• Providing opportunities to unemployed in order to improve skills;
• Increase skills in companies with enhancement of recruitment possibilities;
• 100% employment rate;
• Economic sustainability.

Difficulties encountered

The challenges of the Transformative Action were mainly related to ensuring sustainability, ensuring availability of companies to receive the students and coordinating different details together (between private and public sectors) in order to have smooth implementation, commitment and involvement.

Potential for learning or transfer

With these bootcamps it has been possible to reinforce the current indicators which were:

• Integration of 98 properties in the Home-Office concept
• Promotion of urban rehabilitation: about 40% of the properties were made available, after construction, with an average investment of 10,000€
• Promoting the fund aimed at rehabilitating properties in the historic center with a budget of 50,000€/year/edition

500 direct jobs were created with the Academy and it is estimated that an additional 100 will be made available as an indirect result of it. Considering the base salary of €900 by the end of the bootcamp it is estimated that with the successful implementation of the project, around 1,080,000€/year will be injected into the local economy.

The lessons learned relate to the potential of growth and replication of the project, and also the vision towards new possibilities such as coding for children.

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Main institution
Municipality of Fundão
Centro (PT), Portugal
Start Date
October 2012
End Date


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