Creation of a public-private partnership with Municipality, Transport Company and private sector to provide attractive smart thematic tram/bus stations
A young private company in Iasi approached the Public Transport Company (CTP) and the City hall proposing a public-private partnership aiming to modernize and revalorise the tram/bus stations (shelters). The Municipality and the CTP (owners of the tram/bus stations) agreed to lend these stations to the Private company specialized on advertising, agreeing together that the project is not only about advertising but also about being part of the community. The partners of this initiative have mutually agreed this, and the first tram station, in front of the Opera House has been made as a pilot by the advertising company. This station has an amazing design, representing the interior of the Opera House, having a smart system of playing opera songs so become in a very short time a real attraction for various people. The success of this first project encouraged the company for thematic stations, helping people to identify easily main attraction of the city (opera house, a travel agency- imagined as the interior of a plane, a university, a famous pub for jazz and rock – designed as a jukebox where travellers can choose the music and the volume, a hospital – designed as the interior of a medical room, a school etc). This way, the city changed its image and the public transport stations become more fun, more attractive, and safer

Resources needed

The Municipality of Iasi and the Public Transport Company has no cost for the implementation of the project, on the contrary, have revenues after the implementation of this project. The cost of one station set-up is around 1000 Euro, and the monthly tax for companies is between 300-500 Euro.

Evidence of success

50 stations modernized;
revenues for Municipality and CTP;
Due to its success it has been widely promoted at local, national and international level with benefits of visibility for all parts (the City, the Public Transport Company and the Advertising company) – more than 20 press articles and tv news at local and national level talked about these stations, huge success on social media - - made PT more attractive for new users

Difficulties encountered

Finding the necessary funds for thematic stations dedicated to cultural or non-profit institutions/ organisations to be promoted (not only business promotion)

Potential for learning or transfer

The project was successfully implemented and is fully operational right now. Due to its success at local, national and international level can be easily replicated.
The Lead partner of InnovaSUMP project has evaluated – during the Staff exchange – the possibility to transfer this good practice in Nicosia, Cyprus, where there are already some contracts with advertising companies for the bus stations (but the old solution is with no community involvement)
Main institution
Iasi Municipality
Nord-Est, Romania (România)
Start Date
June 2014
End Date


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