DINAMIC is a global coaching program that aims to increase companies’ competitiveness through internal performance, innovation and commercial development
The objective is to give SMEs the means to reinforce their competitiveness by a global long-term support to consolidate their fundamentals through advice, training, provision of tools and methodologies. It gives a support in a collective framework on targeted points: improve internal performance; develop or diversify ; innovate ; maintain business and help finding profitability and stability through a tailored made programme with collective times, to rely on the collective dynamic of the groups of entrepreneurs involved and help each of them in their development.
It aims to ensure the company appropriates the DINAMIC's tools and methodologies and is able to continue the initiated changes on its own after the 9 month support period
A methodology in 4 steps in 9 months to guarantee the best results:
1.Orientation (1,5 months): The SME a targets main issues according to its situation and strategic objectives, and determines the priority axis they need to work on with the consultant (internal performance, business development, innovation, boost)
2.Diagnosis (2 months): The SME and its consultant identify its strengths and weak points, and build a 3 years progress plan consistent with its strategic objectives
3.Accompaniment (6 months): The SME implements action plans that allow it to reach its objectives and increase the skills of its teams through training.
4.Assessment: The SME, its consultant and CCI project manager, measure results and initiates next progress actions

Resources needed

The program represents 18.500€ (excluding tax) per SME support program. Public funding’s mobilised by the Region, the State and the ERDF represents nearly 70% of the total cost of the instrument. It remains for the company a residual cost of approximately 5.500 € and 3.700€ for VSEs.

Evidence of success

- more than 1200 companies supported
- economic impact on the territory: action toward companies’ structuring, development and innovation.
- gain in competitiveness and economic added value: 80% of the companies assisted have less than 50 employees, this shows that the gain in dynamism and competitiveness is effective for the smallest companies that have been affected by the economic crisis.
- added value for employment: more than 52.000 employees have been impacted and acquired new skills

Potential for learning or transfer

“DINAMIC entreprises” was created in 2006. Since the beginning, the system has evolved to meet the challenges of the economic crisis. Faced with the need of an individual support for companies who were confronted with treasury difficulties, and the need of collective supports to respond to the crisis, DINAMIC ENTREPRISE evolved. The instrument leans on a proven methodology and organization.
To meet these challenges, the instrument has evolved since 2006 on several points:
o Eligibility (sector and size),
o Adaptation of the instrument to VSE (lightened format),
o Evolution of the training part : reinforcement of the HR and links with specialized training center,
o Introduction of corporate social responsibility,
o Introduction of design.
This 13 years of experience have strenghten the tool and make it very interesting for other region to inspired from. It is a quite agile tool which has demonstrate its ability to adapt to new challenges.
It is also partly funded through ERDF.

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Main institution
Conseil Régional Pays de Loire
Pays de la Loire, France
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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