Camogli, Portofino and Santa Margherita cities, in a natural park area, with many tourists, introduced a bike sharing service powered by photovoltaic system.
In March 2013 the new bike sharing service powered by photovoltaic system started in East cost of Liguria, with 60 bicycles (45 e-bikes and 15 traditional bikes). The whole system is connected to the network and is powered by a 7.5 Kilowatt photovoltaic system installed on the top of some buildings. This guarantees sustainable mobility with a true zero impact. The bike sharing service, called "Portofino Park & Bike", planned by the Park Authority of Portofino and the Municipalities of Santa Margherita and Camogli, is very interest for Ligurian users and tourists.
The initiative promotes the use of eco-sustainable transport and the interchange by car and train aim to cross the area called "Tigullio" and "Golfo Paradiso", very important tourist area, for natural and cultural beauties.
Through a specific agreement, also some hotels can have a reserved cycle-station inside them.
The service use of a name card (annual, weekly or daily, distributed in many stores in the municipalities with the service). The service is free for the first half hour and it cost 1 euro per hour for the next hours. A magnetic card for residential use costs € 25/year inclusive of € 5 of recharge. The service is accessible 24 hours a day.
Dislocated in the different tows there are 8 automatic stations, to take a bike you must use the personal magnetic card, in every stations there are 10 charging point. The municipalities created a mobile app to check the availability of bikes in the stations.

Resources needed

The new bike sharing has been supported and planned by the Park Authority of Portofino and the Municipalities of Santa Margherita and Camogli, with contribution of "Bicincittà" and "AzzeroCO2" companies. The project amounts to € 304.900,00 and it was 80% financed by Italian Ministry of Environment.

Evidence of success

This project represents a new opportunity to visit Ligurian Riviera in a different way, without car queues, with a system totally one-way.
Bike sharing has been very popular in this area, especially because it's supported by a dedicated app that allows to check parking, available bikes and booking in real-time, to aim to program own sustainable mobility. This method is replicated in other Liguria cities (Genoa,Sestri Levante,Rapallo,San Bartolomeo,Riva Trigoso,La Spezia, etc) with a single app.

Potential for learning or transfer

Bike sharing powered by solar energy is potentially interesting for the whole of the Ligurian Riviera, territor exposed to the sun for most part of the year, as for all those regions facing the sea or enjoying a good exposure.
The system is widely used and very useful also cause the promotion of sustainable tourism, so it is important to disseminate and advertise the service usable in free floating and easy to use for users.
A totally eco-sustainable transport idea that can be useful for tourist mobility but also for systematic mobility (home-work/school).
This system is maybe more interesting and transferable in small towns than in large cities, cause short distances to be covered and most road safety in small towns.

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Main institution
the Portofino Park Authority, Municipalities of Santa Margherita, Camogli, Portofino
Liguria, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
March 2013
End Date


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