In Liguria Region the replacement of public transport vehicle with “zero environmental impact vehicles" is beginning in order to obtain a wholly electric fleet.
Since 2018 is in progress a replacement of bus thermal vehicles with electric vehicles in different cities of Liguria Region. In Genoa this process is in progress by “#AMTInnova Program” by Local Public Transport provider AMT spa and in the La Spezia by ATC spa.

Genoa pilot case
“#AMTInnova Program” has the aim to realize initiatives on smart-mobility with test of electrical bus started in January 2018. AMT company collected all technical elements and the first financing to purchase new e-buses with the aim to have vehicles that travel a whole day with autonomy battery, the test began with internal line of San Martino hospital area where is a hilly path that well represents city's orography and well evaluates efficiency of electric system.

La Spezia pilot case
La Spezia replaced a wholly bus fleet (provide by ATC spa) of traditional vehicles with the innovative electrical "SmartBUS" with fast charging with ultra-capacitors and without batteries. These capacitors use a magnetic field to move vehicles able to recover energy during braking, recharging during the stop in 5 minutes with a pantograph.

Resources needed

The tests on different cities were been with funds of private companies of bus vehicles and with public funds (regional and municipalities budget). The cost for each e-bus introduced in the fleet is in a range of about 300 - 500K€, related to the length 12 or 18 meters and to the energy capacity.

Evidence of success

With the use of different systems tested in different territories, Local Public Transport operators can be collect a lot of data to introducing in the better way e-vehicles in public transport fleet. This distinction related to the orography of the areas and to needs of the network (fast charging or traditional charging) has been provided in order to increase energy and efficiency in Local Public Transport with help of innovative electric vehicle testing and optimized for different case studies.

Potential for learning or transfer

The introduction of e-buses instead of electric traditional vehicles in a territory as Liguria with a complex orography, with narrow and tortuous roads and hills near the sea coast is very difficult. These obstacles in the design of e-bus fleet but it is also a useful exercise and an opportunity. By case studies can be tested appropriately systems on different territories. The optimization of the system is important both for the weight of the batteries, but also for the passenger loads in relation to the high slopes of the roads.

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Main institution
Local Public Transport Operators (AMT-ATC)
Liguria, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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Ana Isabel Cardoso

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